Current Research

AAV based Gene Therapy 

At Eli Lilly, I am working on developing adeno-associated virus (AAV)-based gene therapies to treat neurodegenerative diseases. Recent advances in gene therapy technology have made it easier to deliver therapies to the central nervous system, despite the blood-brain barrier. 

By using precision medicine to identify patient populations with specific genetic mutations, we aim to correct the underlying cause of the disease and slow or stop its progression.

This video from UniQure provides a simple explanation of the science behind AAV based gene therapy (for information purpose only)

PhD Research

Quality Monitoring of lab-grown organs

How do you know the organ/tissue you are growing in the lab is maturing properly and the cells are transforming towards organ-specific cells?

You can't slice the organ, then you don't have an organ for transplanting in a patient!

That's where my Ph.D. research comes in. Using Dielectric impedance spectroscopy and machine learning techniques, I am developing a method to monitor the quality of tissue-engineered medical products in real-time!

Destructive Quality Evaluation

Offline | Time consuming | Non scalable

Non-destructive Quality Evaluation

Real-time | Non-invasive | Scalable

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